A Perfect Constitution, An Imperfect People

USConstitutionImageBy Larry Hasha – The founding documents upon which this country is affirmed, were transcendentally penned to be superlative, while accommodating an imperfect society. Our founders, cognizant of our human nature and fallibilities, wisely crafted these edicts to persevere undefiled as foundational while facing interpretive scrutiny over time. These hallowed instruments promulgate and promote that every citizen of the United States of America, is endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; rights which cannot under any circumstance, be surrendered, sold, transferred, taken, or transmuted.

It is fundamentally incumbent upon every American of every generation to protect and defend immutatus the Constitution of this country lest there ceases to be a United States of America. It is neither the privilege nor the right of any person, or group of persons, citizens or not, to adulterate or desacralize our Constitution, nor does any government or political party own or command the Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution categorically defines our form of government as a democratic republic. This is not a suggestion or an abstract proposition – it is concrete, immutable, and essential. Any attempt to instill a government other than a democratic republic, whether asserting the Constitution or defying it, is an act of sedition, and the planning with others to do so is seditious conspiracy.

While not explicitly protected as such, the concept of political economy is the very foundation upon which the Constitution sits. The U.S. Constitution is grounded on the concept of Natural Rights, as advanced by the Stoic philosophers and expounded upon by the prominent Roman statesman and consul, Marcus Tullius Cicero. These natural rights dictate that all humans have ownership of their lives and their labor.

Though historically not always equitably applied, the U.S. Constitution assures this principle be afforded to all Americans, so each may accumulate capital wealth for themselves in exchange for their labor or other undertakings, including the production, manufacturing, and selling of products or other goods or services, including the exchange of currency, capital stock, and securities.

This principled notion, known as capitalism, is what drives the American dream and perpetuates every citizen’s freedom; and as a capitalist society, the accumulation of capital wealth by the citizenry, is protected by the Constitution as a Natural Right to ownership of one’s own life.

Any undertaking to promote or install a different economic system, such as socialism or communism, is unquestionably unconstitutional – any attempt at destroying and replacing America’s capitalism must be aggressively pushed back.

Unfortunately, a growing portion of the American population has demonstrated a willingness and desire to lump the middle class and the less fortunate lower class into one very large socialist victim class, and in doing this, bringing ruin to the U.S. Constitution, the economy, and the entire country.

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